International Travel Contribution

International Travel Contribution – Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering International Travel Contribution is available to Faculty of Engineering recurrently funded academic staff and Emeritus Professors who are travelling overseas to present a paper at a conference, and is implemented to provide a contribution towards travel costs. 

  • The International Travel Contribution, up to a maximum of $3000, will be available to recurrently funded academic staff subject to approval by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.
  • The amount of the contribution will be determined by the Dean based on:
    • the number of A/A* ranked publications or equivalent in the past two years (with the by-line of the staff member indicating that they are affiliated with the University of New South Wales). An allocation of $500 will be made for each publication with the total amount capped at $3000. Only the journal publications validated through the University of New South Wales Research Outputs System (ROS) will be considered;
    • the standing of the Conference;
    • the support of the Head of School;
    • the amount of recreation leave accrued (which should be less than 40days);
  • An application form for the contribution must be completed and submitted for approval prior to travel. Initially, the total amount of the travel will be charged to a School account and the Faculty contribution will be paid into that same account.
  •  Applicants may only apply for one Faculty contribution per calendar year.
  •  The contribution is not available for travel in conjunction with a Special Studies Program (SSP).


Faculty of Engineering recurrently funded academic staff who have been employed at the University of New South Wales for less than two years will be entitled to a minimum international travel contribution of $2000 per calendar year subject to the Dean’s approval.

International Travel Contribution Form

Please send your completed form to:
The Faculty of Engineering, Administrative Officer
Chloe Fong, building K17 Lv 6

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